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This is the list of courses that Community members and The VistA Extensions Hub staff is creating. Please let us know if you would like to develop a course for the VistA Community, we can help you on the elaboration of training components.



Gus Landis - VistA Infrastructure

  1. Building VistA system overview of things to consider when setting up a VistA system..
    1. Physical Considerations
    2. Hardware considerator
    3. Configuration
    4. Software life cycle.
  2. Configuration of VistA
    1. Detail of directory structure
    2. onsiderations for life time
  3. Hardware
    1. Disk
    2. RAM
    3. CPU
  4. Software life cycle
    1. Overview
    2. Staging "patchable"
    3. Integration Process
    4. Rollout process

Luis Ibanez - VistA and Education

  1. Roll and Scroll
  2. Mumps
  3. Patient Registration
  4. Fileman



Chris Edwards - VistA Administration

  1. New VistA System - Install (VistA Installer)
  2. Basic VistA Set up
  3. System Administration (adding users)



David Whithen - HL7 for VistA

Rob Tweed - EWD




K.S. Bhaskar - GTM



Rick Marshall - Continuous Education

Sam Habiel - Mumps

Fabian Lopez - Using The VistA Extensions Hub

  1. Components and Navigation
    1. The VistA Extensions Hub
    2. Learning Center
    3. vxVistA Download
    4. VistA Questons
  2. Your account
    1. How to Sign Up for your own account
    2. Modifying your profile and status
  3. Adding Content
    1. Creating a Blogpost
    2. Adding Comments to a page
    3. Meeting Notes
    4. Questions and Answers
    5. Proposing Webinars
  4. Finding Content
    1. The power of a Webinar Page
    2. The use of labels to find related content
    3. Webinars Presenters Information


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