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The first OSEHRA VistA Code Alignment Workshop is under way in Oakland, California.  Corporate Members and invited guests are reviewing key components of VistA, particularly MSC FILEMAN 22.2, and will lay the groundwork for a “common core” that can be shared among community members.  Until now, even OSEHRA members have been largely unable to take advantage of each other’s enhancements to VistA code due to the lack of code alignment.  This critical meeting will establish an aligned core within OSEHRA VistA, the first increment of which will be made available to the community (complete with its own patch management system) in March 2015.  Participants include members such as the BITS Group, DSS, FIS GT.M, Medsphere, Oroville Hospital, PwC, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and VISTA Expertise Network, together with Collaborating Partners VA and IHS.  

While attendance at this initial meeting was limited to ensure a manageable working session, the alignment effort will continue with further calls and meetings.  In order to keep the wider open source community informed, the meeting will conclude with a summary WebEx call at 8:30AM PST (11:30AM EST) on Friday, November 21.  This call will be open to the entire community, and all interested parties are encouraged to utilize the WebEx connection so that slides are visible.  Click here for registration, which will provide a calendar reminder.  The call will not only summarize the workshop proceedings, but also discuss the planned follow-on activities as the alignment process continues.

We look forward to your participation,

Oakland, CA – 19-21 November 2014

Kris Prendergast, CAE
Director, Community Management
900 N. Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA  22203

Phone:  571-858-3205