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We are launching this workspace for VistA Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) | Health Informatics Specialist (HIS) to provide a common place where each of us can share best practices, ideas, recommendations, etc.

Join us to our regular meetings and frequently check our Learning Center as well as the CAC VistA Questions section.

The main purpose of the VistA Clinical Applications Coordinator (CAC) | Health Informatics Specialists (HIS) User Group is to engage VistA CAC | HIS with similar interests, goals, or concerns and invite them to share experiences and best practices.

About our first meeting this Tuesday, June 24th.

We are building the agenda for the first Group meeting with presentations from experienced Clinical Applications Coordinators, also known as Health Informatics Specialists - HIS . . Please contact us ( if you would like to present a topic.

Thanks for your participation and support.


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