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  • 8. Section VII Downloading and Setting up PuTTY
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Options for your PuTTY Sessions

PuTTY is a free telnet and SSH Client for Windows and Unix platforms

1. Type in the web address below or just copy and paste into your web browser. The site is:


Select the listed putty.exe file and download.

The Basic Options for your PuTTY Sessions

When setting up PuTTY select the Telnet option and be sure the Port number is set to 23.

To save frequently used sessions, type the name of the session in the Saved Sessions box and click the save button to the right. Once the session is saved, the name will populate in the form below. For future use, double click the saved session in the below form to use.


Enter the Host Name or IP address

1. Once Your PuTTY session is open,
    Type: D ^ZU
    Press enter to continue

2. Once at the USER prompt
    Type: your user name/ namespace name
    Press enter to continue

3. Once you are prompt for Access Code and Verify code
     ACCESS CODE: type: ADMIN123
     VERIFY CODE:  type: 123Admin! (case-sensitive)
     Press enter to continue

The default user credentials the user uses to access terminal mode will have an access/verify code pair to enter.

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