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Charles Boyer

Charles Boyer - RPh, MS (Clinical Application Coordinator/Pharmacy ADPAC)

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 Charles Boyer - RPh, MS (Clinical Application Coordinator/Pharmacy ADPAC) 

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Branching logic in reminder dialogs to present the correct medication orders to inpatients-outpatients

For the most part, medication orders come in two flavors, outpatient orders and inpatient orders. Presenting these medication orders in a reminder dialog (note template) can make placing the medication orders easier for clinicians, as well as document th

Clinical Reminder Basics

Information for users dealing with, evaluating, and processing clinical reminders. This will include an overview of how clinical reminders work. This will not go into building clinical reminders but will deal with topics that are essential to anyone pla

Notifying parties electronically about anticipated discharges

Notifying all the parties about an upcoming discharge can be a daunting task. Using order menus, generic orders, OERR teams, and notification tools, all impacted parties can be electronically notified by the clinician simply by writing an anticipated/pl

Sending a notification (alert) to a team related to some event (such as a fall)

How In some situations it is necessary to notify an individual or team. This webinar will demonstrate how to send an alert to a Falls team for a review /an unofficial consultation of a patient’s issues, such as medications, for a patient that has fallen

Using Fileman parameters to eliminate unintended wrapping in Fileman reports

Creating Fileman reports often requires using multiples or pointers to other files in order to get the desired data. There are times when the data will wrap & cannot be easily placed in Excel or Access. Storing the field values to parameters (variables)

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  1. Who is Charles Boyer?

  2. Charles is a Clinical Application Coordinator/Pharmacy ADPAC.