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Webinar Overview

Covering CPRS, ER, MHS, TSAS, Mobile Plan Viewer and Home Based Care


Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS)

vxCPRS is a patient centric Computerized Patient Record System, and is the primary clinical application for users of the VistA electronic medical record where all clinical orders, e-prescribing, documentation, vital signs, allergies, labs, and diagnoses are viewed and entered. vxCPRS contains a robust clinical reminder package with configurable business rules to support care pathways for preventive medicine, population health, acute disorders, and chronic disease management. Various levels of alerts and notifications enhance usability and help clinical staff members find important information quickly, and pre-configured as well as on-demand graphing and reports further enhance efficiency.  




ER Mobile

ER Mobile

A patient begins his journey through mental health treatment from an emergency access point. ER Mobile uses tablet technology to perform triage through intelligent filtering of information, and begins the vxCPRS documentation on this patient. 



Mental Health Suite

Mental Health Suite (MHS)

MHS is used in the inpatient setting to create the intake note and begin multi-disciplinary treatment plans and communicate with other providers. Once a patient is admitted to the hospital for mental health service MHS is used to create the patient’s Intake Note using information pulled from vxCPRS, as well as information entered by the provider. MHS is the solution that is used to create the initial treatment plan that will enable the care of the patient by the treatment team. 



Touch Screen Assessment System

Touch Screen Assessment System

TSAS can be used in the inpatient or outpatient setting to complete ordered assessments and track outcomes through reporting functions. While waiting for an appointment with his provider, the patient is able to take a self-assessment by using the TSAS application. The completed assessment automatically populates to the patient record, thus saving clinicians valuable time. The clinician is then able to use MHS Plan Viewer, a mobile application using the DSS Integration Engine Service (DSS EISeTM) that allows providers to quickly and easily review the MHS treatment plan in the palm of their hand. The clinician is able to use.



Clinical Note Templates

Clinical Note Templates (CNT Plus)

Clinical Note Templates provide hundreds of templates for ease of documentation that populate health factors and discrete data fields in vxCPRS. Additionally, CNTs can be used to satisfy Clinical Reminders thus aiding in communication and timely patient interventions. CNTs are also available in web-based platforms. A provider can use MHS to review all entries made during the inpatient visit, as well as update the active treatment plan then use vxCNT Plus to add discreet data to the encounter, and automatically satisfy Clinical Reminders in vxCPRS. 





Home Based Mobile

Home Based Mobile


HB Mobile enables providers to review and update the chart from the patient’s home or other remote setting using mobile technology. In the home setting, providers can still have access to the Mental Health treatment plan as well as the electronic record by using HB Mobile. This application uses tablet technology and may be run while on the secure network or download /upload the patient’s record from docking stations.  


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