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Courses based on existing Recorded Webinars

Recommended Training for Clinical Application Coordinators (CAC) or Health Informatics Specialist (HIS)  

 Program: VistA HIS Path - IntroductorySourcePresented by
1Introducing vxVistAvxvista.orgHugh Creedon, PH.D;   Deanne Clark
2What is FOIA VistA? - What is OS vxVistA?vxvista.orgHugh Creedon, PH.D; Deanne Clark
3Introduction to VISTA Architecturevxvista.orgRick Marshall
4CIS: TIU Health Summary ObjectsMyVeHU Harold D Bonds 
5Brief Overview of CPRS Functionality for ProvidersMyVeHU Brian Laufer, MD ; Rich Moran
 Program: VistA HIS Path - Basic  
6A SkyHigh Overview of vxCPRSvxvista.orgAlisha Howell
7CPRS Tips & TimesaversMyVeHU Don Weinshenker, MD; Neil Evans, MD
8vxCPRS-Streamline the documentation processvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
9Copy/PasteMyVeHU Betsy L. Susko, RHIT 
10How to For Nurses-Entering Telephone/Verbal ordersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
11How to for Providers-Medication Ordersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
12OPT Medication Ordering Process for Prescribersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
13OTC/Meds from Elsewherevxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
14How to for Prescribers-Entering Complex Med Ordersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
15IV Medication Ordering Process for Prescribersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
16How to for Prescribers: IMOvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
17Streamlining Med Ordering Process for Prescribersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
18VistACom & Continuity of Care Record (CCR)vxvista.orgGeorge Lilly
19DSS Patient Search Toolvxvista.orgKevin Wright
20vxCPRS-vxBCMAvxvista.orgJeanette Klement;Bob Cook
21vxGroup Notes (2011)vxvista.orgJeanette Klement
22DSS Suite of Mental Health Productsvxvista.orgDSS Suite of Mental Health Prodcts
23Basic FilemanMyVeHU Thomas Fagan
24Fileman (2011)vxvista.orgGreg Kreis
25Notifications/Surrogates/AlertsMyVeHU Rob Whelan; Sally Kellum
26Parameters-Where to find them-How to setMyVeHU Doug Schneider, RN BS; Emily Mellecker,   RN BSN
27Building Order sets - the Basicsvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
28Order Dialogs, process, process, processvxvista.orgDavid Howard
29Alerts & NotificationsMyVeHU Harold D Bonds; Sanjay Jain, MD
30Sending a notification to a team related to eventvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
31Consults - Basic & BeyondMyVeHU Jo Ann Seppelt, MSN, CRNP; Patricia   Akerly, MSN, MSHSA 
32CSI for CIS-Problem Review/ResolutionMyVeHU Diane Baker, RN; Jeffrey Tueting 
 Program: VistA HIS Path - Advanced  
33VA FileMan: Design custom reports file #100MyVeHU Thomas Fagan
34Using Fileman parameters to elminate unintended wrapping in FM reportsvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
35CIS: Reminder DefinitionsMyVeHU Jeff Fahner; Russell Jacobitz
36Clinical Reminder Basicsvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
37CIS: Clinical Reminders part 2MyVeHU Jeff Fahner; Russell Jacobitz
38Branching logic in reminder dialogsvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
39ICD-10 Don't Let it Cause HypertensionMyVeHU Mary Johnson; Shelley Weems
40ICD-10 How to PrepareMyVeHU Laurene Miller
41ICD-10 and the ClinicianMyVeHU Sean Langosky; Sean Longosy
42ICD-10 Clinical Reminders & Encounter FormsMyVeHU Dawn O'Connor; Mary Johnson
43Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled SubstanceMyVeHU Jamie Crumley; Kenny Condie and Robert   Silverman