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Jeanette Klement

Jeanette has more than 29 years of healthcare experience working with the VistA system as nursing automated data processing coordinator, training specialist, and supervisor of the Clinical Application Team implementing Computerized Patient Record System

Marvin Friedman

Marv has over 30 years healthcare experience as a clinical pharmacy resident, clinical pharmacist, pharmacy clinical coordinator, pharmacy automated data processing coordinator, and pharmacy director.


Webinar Overview

We are expaning the scope of to better support OSEHRA efforts. We are adding more functionality adding new sections like the VistA Extensions Hub, where you can find information to any extensions that is compatible with versions of VistA. We also provide the VistA Extensions Lab, VistA Exchange Center and the VistA Experiences section.

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Presented by Jeanette Klement 

Presented by Marvin Friedman


  1. After seeing the presentation, it looks like the best way to streamline the ordering process for IV orders which are used frequently would be to use quick orders with predefined fields?  Is this correct?

    1. Yes, the best way to streamline the ordering process is to create quick orders with predefined fields.

  2. I think this was mentioned in the presentation - I just need clarification:  If the provider uses a quick order with predefined fields and needs to make a change to one of the predefined fields, can the provider make the change before accepting the order?

    1. Yes, the provider can make the change(s) to the predefined fields before accepting the order.  Using quick orders will streamline the ordering process and should be used for orders which are used frequently.

  3. Are orders for IV antibiotics processed similar to your presentation?

    1. We will be presenting a Webinar in the future that will be more specific towards the configuration, ordering, and processing of piggybacks, and syringes that may contain antibiotics.  The actual process of entering these antibiotic orders as a prescriber and finishing these orders as a pharmacist will be somewhat different than the process presented in this Webinar pertaining to IV fluids.

  4. If a facility has a stop order policy that all large volume parenterals must be reordered on a daily basis, can vxVista help enforce this policy.

    1. The examples used in this Webinar had a  seven day default stop date for all IV Fluids.  The default stop dates are set up within the pharmacy supervisor IV Menu site parameter.  Prescribers can specify that IV fluid therapy stops after reaching a specified volume, or number hours of infusion, or number of days of infusion therapy.