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Rob Tweed

Rob brings a wealth of real-world commercial experience in Caché programming, Web Architecture design, web application development, web services development,


Webinar Overview

The growth of mobile computing has been phenomenal


In just a few years, mobile devices have become the preferred way of accessing applications.  This incredible rate of change is causing a problem for existing application providers: How can they cope with the urgent need to redesign and redeploy legacy desktop applications for use on mobile devices?  Very soon, users will not simply be asking for mobile versions of their applications, they'll be expecting them and will look elsewhere if they aren't available. 
In an ironic turn of fate, it turns out that MUMPS-based applications, previously criticized for using an outdated technology and having old fashioned dumb-terminal interfaces are now capable of being quickly and easily migrated to mobile devices, courtesy of an application development framework known as Enterprise Web Development (EWD) and a Javascript framework called Sencha Touch. 
This webinar will examine the rise of mobile computing and the development issues that application providers face, before looking at EWD and Sencha Touch, and examining the key benefits they bring to the MUMPS application developer

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VistA example application screenshots (45:15)

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  1. Are you going to show examples on iPad and iPhone?