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Kevin Toppenberg



Webinar Overview

Course with Certificate

Recorded Webinar


Additional resources


More information: 

I had also started a Wiki listing here 

Participants Notes

Custom Splash Screen – Ability to “retry” on sign in (pop-up)

 Patient Selection

        Add Patient button on the fly – popup input screen.

        Search – by several categories – popup screen for selections – BRUT force – time intensive

        History – user patients allows user to define by date/time or patient specific.


        Pop-up picture input – add image from file OR select device (take/crop & upload)


        Patient name color display to signify status of patient; i.e., gray for inactive, red for overdue

        Patient Inquiry – button for Patient Demographic edit

        Timer button – keeps track of time chart open/visit time.  Pop-up selections to start/stop timer.

        File – Patient Form letters – part of innovations project.  Generate patient list, then letter stored in each file and print out

(print ALL from letter format pop-up.)

        Print Patient label – use for paper forms.  Use for scanned documents, etc.

Colorized Tabs – makes more prominent.  Can generate web page as separate tab – custom for patient.

Problem Tab

        Care Plans defined for specific problem.  Each row is question – separate column for each visit addressed.  Update care plan, note pop-up

to generate new note with Care Plan template inserted.  Pop-up verifying in note; sign prompt generate; updates Care Plan in

Problems Tab.  Care Plan are site definable.  Stores text into note in “tag text” which is computer readable.  Field for each ”key” value entry. 

 Meds Tab – no customize

Orders Tab – no customize

 Notes Tab

        View enhancements – selection buttons directly above note tree display.  (returns to default upon refresh.)

                                Can “hide” specific notes, i.e., Telephone notes, Nursing Notes, etc.

        Note entry – Can select text entry; can change to HTML with standard selections, Bold, Color, etc.

                        Ability to group information to carry forward – Text Table – define what to pull in, define by disease centric

                        Nurse initiates note, pastes in Text Table from prior visit. 

Provider: R click in note– process note refreshes Text Table with latest information.

        Insert images – Add new image.  Take picture from PC, edit in paint, upload image to server; imbeds in note.

                        Add universal image – more like a Header

                        Signature Image

                        Stock image – Take a photo, modify, but keep original for future use; like a template.

                        Can resize images – i.e., Scanned images.

                        Co-signer based on specific NOTE TYPE – can cancel out without IDing Co-signer

                        Link note to Consult to resolve, i.e., scanned image.  R click “Resolve Consult”.

 Lab Tab

        Manual entry of lab results performed elsewhere. Pop-up

                Provider required – can be generic Outside

                Select exams Input results in popup table

                Records Performing lab in comments – notes “Labs entered manually…”

 Reports Tab

        Custom report – Growth chart – ability to use html (sever created some html code and plots out.)

                Uses CDC and WHO – Jordan funded validation and testing.

 Images Tab

        Add PDF files/media/video/audio – anything IE knows how to handle input as media that cannot be imbedded in Notes.


        Within note – CTRL\ brings up search of templates. Makes much easier to find template than in template drawer tree.

        Template created within CPRS (GUI)– Adds up scores and provides analysis.

                Fields for numbers

                “Function” Wizard


    Images – Cached – imbedded in RPC OR direct access (drop box with shared folder between client/server) – can customize editor


        Broker History edits

        Chart Tab customization


        ADT selection in banner selection 

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