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This workspace is for distributing Creative Commons licensed content for the learning experiences of others within the vxVistA Open Source Community - remember, this content is for EVERYONE, but if you do use some of the content outside the vxVistA Open Source Community workspaces, be sure to credit those who created it; and feel free to particpate by creating your own webinar and submitting it for inclusion among the works of your peers in the Community!

You can also make requests for others to create webinars on topics that your and others may use and enjoy.






Tips for Success - Special for panelists
Prior to Webinar Start

If you plan to share your entire desktop, turn off any instant-messaging applications, notification software or other programs that may interrupt or distract from the Webinar.
Turn off any streaming media applications that may take up bandwidth and resource-intensive applications that may be taxing processor ability.
Set the desktop display to a neutral background and adjust display settings to a mid-range resolution (e.g., 1024x768) to improve the display for attendees with lesser settings. This is also the optimal setting for recording a Webinar.
Clean up your desktop before a Webinar or use the Clean Screen feature when showing your desktop to avoid distracting your attendees.
Have the documents you wish to share ready to be accessed in one or two clicks.
Run a Practice Session with your panelists and any other organizers to familiarize yourself with the format and flow of your online presentation.

Managing the Webinar

Arrive a few minutes early to greet the attendees as they arrive and start the Webinar on time. It also helps to have a welcome presentation running during this time. Your presence in these opening minutes can help establish the tone and direction of the Webinar.
Provide an agenda at the start of the Webinar, including estimated duration, and stick to it.
Inform attendees what the purpose/goal of the Webinar is, what to expect and when and how to ask questions and participate in the Webinar.
Provide information on how to use equipment or services and how to get assistance if needed.
Consider having another organizer help manage and monitor questions and answers.
Encourage participation by using the Polling feature.
End the Webinar clearly. Make sure all the attendees know that the Webinar is formally over and stay on the line to address any last questions.

Managing Audio

If dialing in to the Webinar using a telephone, avoid using cellular and cordless phones due to static. Use the phone handset or a headset instead of speakerphones to avoid background noise, tunnel effect and sentence clipping.
If using a telephone, turn off your call waiting. The beep of a new call on another line may be heard by everyone.
If using a telephone, avoid putting your phone on hold during the presentation. Your hold music will play into the conference call and make it impossible for other attendees to continue the Webinar.
If you find you are having a sound quality issue, hang up and dial back in (telephone) or check your mic and speaker devices (VoIP). Sometimes these problems clear themselves up when the bad connection is terminated.
If presenting, join the Webinar from a location where there is little background noise.
Introduce yourself when you begin speaking and ask your panelists to also identify themselves before speaking. Not everyone in the Webinar may know everyone else's voice.






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