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Roberto Dominguez

Roberto Dominguez, President and CEO Comalatech Roberto is a technology professional with a successful track record attaining technical and business objetives through different roles in Development and Project Management.


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 Ad hoc Workflows features add new capabilities to your wiki: it helps you to create, share and re-use sets of actions used in everyday work. It then lets you step back, providing your organization with facilities to understand how work gets done. All in all it helps everyone improve efficiency, productivity and organizational learning

We go beyond questioning your peers, and getting approval or acknowledgement from them. With Ad hoc workflow capture and can re-apply your work patterns. Using Ad hoc Workflows you can work in the moment to get things done: Ad hoc Workflow will track tasks, and help you figure out later what mattered. To re-use, simply pick past steps as a template, or use the Workflow Designer to rework your practices.

Based on Confluence : Ad hoc Workflows integrates task, state and workflow controls into Atlassian Confluence. We make Confluence an effective and convenient one-stop-shop for getting work done.

Easy to use on-page controls: Allows your business users work uninterrupted toward their goals, just by using intuitive controls specific to 'passing the baton'. Assignment facilitates worker productivity and notifying by email.

Turn Tasks into Processes : Multiple sets of checklists allow tracking of the stages of a process, and stages in processes can grow as needed. Our tools provide for rapid management of tasks, so people can plan and visibly track themselves against those plans. Keeping everyone in productive flow, with Ad hoc work is handed-off quickly, cleanly, and traceably.

Activity Reporting : Actions taken are fully traced, so your organization can figure out what it's learnt. Use reporting to improve the usefulness, accuracy, and efficiency of process audits.

Status Reporting : Quickly see what's outstanding and where the roadblocks are: with Adhoc Workflows everyone can identify who needs help. Ensure work is shared and that important tasks don't get forgotten.

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