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Deanne Clark

Deanne Clark is the vxVistA Program Manager responsible for vxVistA application development including requirements analysis, building project plans, forming project teams, enhancements, and change control. Deanne has ability to manage multiple complex pro

Karen M. Small



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vxCPRS has been adapted from the VA developed Computerized Patient Record System. This tool pulls data from many different vxVistA packages into one user-friendly Graphical User Interface system that puts patient data including vitals, allergies, medications, laboratory results, orders, and progress notes right at a provider's finger tips for fast and easy review. Providers can enter new orders, notes, vitals, allergies, problems and more into the patient chart using features like quick orders, order sets, and templates.


vxCPRS also offers safety checking against allergies and other current meds; in an ambulatory care setting, prescriptions can be easily printed and given to the patient. Clinical Reminders can be set up to enhance preventative care and encourage timely screenings/exams, offer patient education, and follow treatment protocols/guidelines for specific illnesses based on age, gender, lab results and other factors. Immunizations and other health factors can be recorded and reported easily.

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