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Bob Cook

Highly motivated pharmacist offering 24 years progressive background in the vista Healthcare Information systems and responsible for 34 years at three VA medical centers for plannig, organizing, directing,controlling

Jeanette Klement

Jeanette has more than 29 years of healthcare experience working with the VistA system as nursing automated data processing coordinator, training specialist, and supervisor of the Clinical Application Team implementing Computerized Patient Record System


Webinar Overview
Computerized Patient Record System (vxCPRS) and Bar Code Medication Administration (vxBCMA) 

vxCPRS has been adapted from the VA developed Computerized Patient Record System. This tool pulls data from many different vxVistA packages into one user-friendly Graphical User Interface system that puts patient data including vitals, allergies, medications, laboratory results, orders, and progress notes right at a provider's finger tips for fast and easy review. 
vxBCMA  or Bar Code Medication Administration system, was developed originally by the VA and has been adapted for use by DSS for vxVistA. This system greatly improves patient safety by requiring nursing staff administering drugs to scan both the patient wrist band and a bar coded medication label on a medication that has been processed by pharmacy for the selected patient.

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