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As tablets and other handheld devices become ubiquitous in emergency departments, hospitals and medical facilities will need to deploy mobile applications that enable providers to securely access patient health information on the fly.

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Reduces triage time
Saves provider time
Improves emergency department workflow efficiency
Improves quality of care



Key Features

Integrated, Mobile Solution:

• Runs on a tablet, anywhere in the department

• Accepts vital signs wirelessly via automated vital sign devices

• Automates documentation

• Integrated with theVistAEHR

• Allows access to all veteran medical record data

• Creates Triage TIU note inVistA

Triage decision-support:

• Powered by TriageXpert, a proprietary triage expert system

• Provides access to over 400 physician-written triage algorithms

• Addresses more than 3000 chief complaints

• Standardizes triage decision-making

• Provides highly accurate results

• Processes vital signs automatically

• Collects targeted medical history

• Provides 5-level triage sorting

• Predicts resource utilization

• Predicts admission probability

Additional Information

Emergency Room Mobile

Developer Information

Developer: DSS, Inc.


Phone: 561.284.7000


More Information

For more information please contact the Extension Developer

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