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Extensible M is only 3 M routines, one Fileman file and 4 menu options. This was about a week’s worth of work. I submit it not to compete against the important work teams have labored years on but to emphasize the kind of Open Source idea sharing that our community needs. This APP works but it calls out for enhancement and improvement. I hope to get lots of feedback (I can take it).

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I got tired of hearing that the problem with M is that it doesn’t work with “modern” applications. “They” say it is hard to get and use the data. We know this is not true but I hear it again and again from the haters. So I wrote an APP that creates fully formed XML documents from the Fileman database.

This is an APP in the new sense. It is very small and does only one thing but it is simple to use and powerful. Specify a traditional Fileman screen and the fields you want exported. It handles the Fileman hierarchical joins like PATIENT:AGE from the VITIALS well. Included with the submission is an Excel Spreadsheet that opens the XLM and shows a simple Census dashboard with Charts. In the hands of a well-trained CAC, this could be real progress.

Key Features

Creates fully formed XLM documents for the Vista database. It is written it standard M and has no dependencies.



Additional Information

Developer Information

Developer: Allan Finkelstein





For more information please contact the Extension Developer

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