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The VistA Extensions Hub contains 61 Compatible Extensions

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Extension Type Code Overview Compatibility
Advanced Prosthetic Acquisition Tool (APAT)

The Advanced Prosthetic Acquisition Tool (APAT) is a VistA integrated software module to automate the purchasing workflow

Automated VistA installation using Vagrant

I've been working on an exciting project that will make fresh VistA instance creation and development environment configuration and setup as easy as typing "vagrant up" into a clone of the OSEHRA VistA repository.


Axiom provides syntax highlighting of standard MUMPS syntax, including all special variables, intrinsic functions, and commands in GT.M.


Provides object-oriented MUMPS data access to the Railo open-source implementation of the ColdFusion web application server platform and language.

CIS-DataBridge™ Interface - CIS-DataBridge

Anesthesia Record Keeper, ICU & Data Analytics Patient Safety, Efficiency, Accuracy, Reporting

Clinical Note Templates - CNT

Clinical Note Templates (CNTs) automate the entire process of producing an accurate,consistent and compliant Progress Note. 

DocManager™ - DocMan

Integrated with RPMS.

DSS Dental Record Manager Plus - DRM Plus

The DSS Dental Record Manager Plus is an enhanced version of the original Dental Record Manager.

DSS Medflow EHR - Medflow

The first ever VistA integrated Ophthalmology EHR is DSS Medflow Ophthalmic Suite.

DSS Mobile VA - DSS Mobile

Designed to seamlessly integrate into facility's EHR

DSS Patient Search Tool

Extension for CPRS. This tool solves a major problem for clinicians—it helps them find data no matter where, when, or who put it in a patient’s chart.  It can be data that was filed properly as discrete data, but more importantly it helps find free text data that would otherwise be buried deep in the chart.

DSS/QuadraMed Encoder Product Suite - EPS

The Encoder Product Suite provides an intelligent, comprehensive approach to VA inpatient and outpatient data management technology for the HIMS, Billing, Utilization Review, Accounts Receivable, and Compliance departments.

DSS/QuadraMed VA Chart Complete - VACC

The ability to deliver complete documentation is crucial to meeting today's regulatory requirements and to expediting the coding/billing process.


ROI is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.

ER Mobile

AVistAintegrated, mobile, ED triage decision-support solution designed to increase workflow efficiencies, care quality and patient throughput.



Extensible M

I got tired of hearing that the problem with M is that it doesn’t work with “modern” applications.

Fee Basis Claims System - FBCS

Fee Basis Claims System ™ (FBCS) is designed to improve Fee Basis claims management and adjudication.

GTI Practice Management for WorldVistA EHR by GTI Infotel

Extension contains Practice Management

Hailstorm VDE

Provides an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine image preloaded with everything you need to start developing CFMumps applications.

HB Mobile

Insurance card scanning and VistA Buffer File update


HealtheMe started in 2007 as a Personal Health Record (PHR) pilot project funded through Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Home Based Mobile - HB Mobile

HB Mobile is a mobile clinical documentation solution that integrates with vxVistA templates to allow clinicians to provide critical treatments of patients in their homes. 

Insurance Capture Buffer - ICB

3rd Party Insurance Card Scanning & File Update




Provides syntax highlighting, global lookup, VistA SAC templates, and automatic completion of MUMPS keywords for the GNU Emacs editor.

MDWS port to Mono

Enables MDWS to work on an opensource stack (Linux & GT.m)

Mental Health Kiosk - MH Kiosk

The Mental Health Kiosk is designed to provide Patient Self-Assessment and Education

Mental Health Suite - MHS

Mental Health Suite is designed to help the clinician create, edit, and view inter-disciplinary treatment plans efficiently while meeting governing organization standards.

Patient Account Management System - PAMS

RPMS integrated billing and accounts receivable systems in one, easy-to-use product that allows users the ability to create bills, post claim payments, and manage collections in one seamless application.


Basic Patient Registration using EWD for World VistA

RadWiseVistA™ - RadWise

RadWiseVistA™ is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant for security and privacy.

Real Time Vitals® - RTV

DSS Auto Import of Patient Vitals

Release of Information - ROI

ROI improves reporting workflow, reduces manual tracking of incomplete requests, complies with HIPAA requirements and improves reporting turnaround times.

TeleCare Record Manager Plus - TRM+

Partnered with DSHI Veterans Health Gateway Plus (VHG+)

VistA-Edge PMS

Those who have used Vista in the VA understand its power and ease of use. But to use it in an outpatient setting was not viable so far as the Practice will need a user-friendly graphical interface to do registrations, appointments and most importantly billing.

VistA - OSEHRA - Community Extension example

These icons are for open source extensions created by the community for VistA and OSEHRA systems

VistA Chemotherapy Manager - VCM

Oncology Decision Support tool

VistACom & CCR

VistACom is a mobile/desktop user interface to VistA which helps providers meet the requirements of Stage 1 Meaningful Use for interoperability, Meaningful Use measure reporting, and Quality Measurement reporting.

VISTA Scheduling GUI

A GUI interface to make, cancel, check-in, and no-show VISTA appointments.


vxBCMA or Bar Code Medication Administration, improves patient safety by requiring nursing staff who are administering drugs to scan both the patient wrist band and a bar coded label on medications that have been processed by the vxPharmacy module for the selected patient.


vxCNTs or Clinical Note Templates are a library of over 300 note writing tools for all types of providers including nurses, social workers, primary care physicians, specialty physicians, therapists, and more.


vxCPRS presents data from many different vxVistA packages and puts patient data including vitals, allergies, medications, laboratory results, orders, and progress notes right at a provider’s finger tips for fast and easy review.


vxDesktop is designed to reduce the number of icons on a user's desktop by serving as a "wrapper" for other application modules.


vxDocManager is a document scanning and indexing system that allows users to scan a variety of documents and electronically link them to the patient record.

vxDRM Plus

vxDRM Plus was designed for dental treatment planning and data capture

vxGroup Notes

vxGroup Notes allows a provider to simultaneously create a progress note for multiple patients who participated in a group visit with both shared/common text and personalized text for each patient.


Allows clinicians to document all immunizations, including actual dosages, CVX codes, manufacturer of immunizations, etc., from within the vxCPRS Orders Tab. 

vxInpatient Pharmacy

The vxVistA Inpatient Pharmacy module is a complete system designed to run a hospital pharmacy


The vxLaboratory module is a complete laboratory information system that supports General Laboratory, Microbiology, Histology, Cytology and Surgical Pathology.


vxMHS is a muliti-disciplinary treatment planning and reporting tool. It is automated, integrated, accurate and compliant.

vxOutpatient Pharmacy

The Outpatient Pharmacy package is designed to manage the medication regimen of outpatients.


vxPAMS is a patient accounting, management and reporting system that is integrated with vxVistA.


The vxProvider Assistant Template is a point and click tool that allows physicians and staff to work together to efficiently document an office visit compliant with CMS/Medicare standards for documentation.

vxPatient Picture

vxPatient Picture is a graphical user interface that provides a simple patient picture capture process that will improve the service level to your customers at their first stage of patient encounter by providing a photo of the patient, so that the EMR staff can ensure that they are treating or dealing with the correct patient.  Unlike other EHR systems that do not capture the patient’s image, vxPatient Picture will provide an extra layer of validation and verification and improve the quality of care for your customers.


The vxProfessional Fee Coding Assistant (vxProCode)


The vxProfessional Fee Coding Encounter Reporter works with the vxProfessional Fee Coding Assistant (vxProCode) within the vxDesktop Framework to assure that electronic billing systems like vxPAMs receive accurate encounter information for improved claim submission, workflow efficiency, and accuracy of coding for professional fee coding.


RadWise is an integrated, evidence-based decision support tool for diagnostic imaging at the point of care.


vxRelease of Information automates the entire process of managing electronic medical record Release of Information requests from the vxVistA database and is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant.


vxRTV is a wireless, spot checking, vital signs system that communicates with Welch Allyn, CAS, Omron, Collins and Criticare vital signs intake devices and saves the vital sign readings directly into the patient's vxCPRS chart with a few clicks of the mouse.


vxVistA.net is a Stage MU component that allows inpatient healthcare facilities using VistA to exchange interoperable health records with patients and other health car providers.  vxVIstA.net is the first step towards enabling health information exchange in your location because it allows you to generate, view, and encrypt interoperable standard documents that obtain the patients entire health record.  vxVIstA.net can be extended to provide Direct Messaging, Patient Portals, and SOAP based HIE transports.

vxVistA 2013.1

vxVistA 2013.1

vxVitals Lite

vxVitals Lite is a program that allows nursing staff and aides to capture a full set of vitals signs including SPO2 easily across a unit/ward; this system also includes the Vitals Lite Manager tool that allows nurse managers to customize vitals templates and set parameters such as upper and lower ranges for each vital within the system.






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