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 An Extremely user-friendly web based frontend for the World VistA EHR incorporating the functionalities of Registration, ADT & much more.



Extension contains Practice Management for:
1. Out Patient Department (OPD) (Ambulatory) (with Appointment) Functionalities include Registration with first Visit, Edit/view/print Patient Demography, Search, List, Make/Cancel appointments, FOPD, Reporting, etc.
2. In Patient Department (IPD) functionalities include: Admit, Transfer & Discharge Patient, Edit/View/Print Details, List & Print outs, etc. 



Key Features

A. Out Patient Department (OPD) (Ambulatory) (with Appointment)

1) Registration with first Visit
2) Edit Patient Demography
3) View Patient Demography
4) Print Patient Demography
5) Create New Visit (COPD - Casual OPD)
6) Edit Visit
7) view Visit
8) Print Visit
9) Search with Patient Details
10) Advance Search with Visit Details
11) List out Patients
12) List out Visits for a Patient
13) Book Appointment for Particular Clinic with Token Number
14) List out Appointments for a Patient
15) Make Visit (FOPD - Follow up OPD) from Appointment
16) Cancel the Appointment
17) Make No-Show the Appointment
18) Create OPD Card for FOPD
19) List out FOPD based on Speciality, Clinic and Date (can do FOPD, Cancel, No-Show, OPD Card from here also)
20) List out FOPD Patient Report based on Speciality, Clinic and Date Range
21) List out FOPD Appointment Report based on Speciality, Clinic and Date Range
22) List out FOPD Census Report based on Date Range

B. In Patient Department (IPD) 

1) Admiting Patient
2) Edit Admission
3) View and Print Admission Details
4) Admission Face sheet and print
5) Transfer Patient to Another Ward with changing Speciality and Providers
6) Bed Switch within the ward
7) View and Print Transfer Details
8) Discharge the Patient with Normal or Abscond
9) View and Print Discharge Details
10) Discharge Face sheet and print
11) Abscond Report and print
12) List out Admission based on TC Number
13) List out Transfer based on TC Number
14) List out Discharge based on TC Number
15) List out Patient based on Admission Date range and others (Report Downloadable Excel format)
16) List out Patient based on Discharge Date range and Discharge Type (Report Downloadable Excel format) Latest Release: 1.0 Compatibility 5: WV EHR Type of License: AGPL

Additional Information

GTI Infotel

Developer: GTI Infotel
Phone: +91-9811412342
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