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Increases speed by paperless work flow, allows for accuracy by reducing Insurance Buffer File errors, and includes reporting capabilities to audit by patients, clerks and date.

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Insurance card scanning and VistA Buffer File update. According to BIMS across the country, $1,000 per patient/per day is being lost by not capturing the card information. ICB is a solution that is efficient and accurate.

Key Features

Simplified Process for Entry Clerks enhances compliance:
Identify the patient by appointment and location 
Alerts entry clerks to update insurance information 
Scan the insurance card with a small desktop scanner 
Saves the image for the insurance verification clerk 
Comprehensive and Accurate Process for Verification Clerks: 
View work list of patients with recently scanned cards 
Compare existing VistA data against scanned insurance card image 
OCR to capture data directly from insurance card image 
Save updated data to VistA Insurance Buffer File 
Also save image to VistA Imaging

Additional Information

 HB Mobile


Developer Information

Developer: DSS, Inc.


Phone: 561.284.7000


More Information


For more information please contact the Extension Developer

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