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The vxProfessional Fee Coding Assistant (vxProCode) and the vxProfessional Fee Coding Encounter Reporter applications work together within the vxDesktop Framework to assure that electronic billing systems like vxPAMs receive accurate encounter information for improved claim submission, workflow efficiency, and accuracy of coding for professional fee coding.



Supervisors in coding/billing can assign, monitor, and review each encounter from clinic to submission to billing system.
Compliance officers can review provider, coder, and clinic information. Researchers can search through the vxVistA database for incidences of illnesses, co-morbidities, effectiveness of procedures, and to find candidates for new research studies. vxProCode and Reporter have an encoder that provides real-time audit data for Medical Necessity, Correct Coding Procedure, and valid ICD-9, CPT-4, and HCPCS codes. 
The system also includes an E&M calculator to validate the E&M codes entered in the clinic against the documentation provided by the clinician

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Developer Information

Developer: DSS, Inc.


Phone: 561.284.7000


More Information

For more information please contact the Extension Developer

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