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As a result of not having access to current patient information, providers may order expensive imaging tests that are unnecessary or have already been conducted. RadWise adds value to imaging orders by applying patient-centric clinical information and enhancing communication between referring physicians and radiologists. Our solution helps providers navigate complex imaging guidelines, reduce imaging expenses and increase claims revenue.


RadWise is an integrated, evidence-based decision support tool for diagnostic imaging at the point of care. Recommendations are based on signs and symptoms with the application of relevant clinical data.  It requires ordering providers to document clinical processes and reduces variation in care delivery. Use of the system enhances utilization management, improves resource allocation and reduces expenses while increasing revenue.

Key Features

• Increases Patient Safety
• Standardizes Care
• Improves Efficiency
• Reduces Expenses; Increases Revenue



Additional Information


Developer Information

Developer: DSS, Inc.


Phone: 561.284.7000


More Information


For more information please contact the Extension Developer

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