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Extension Information


Highlight: allows you to exchange interoperable clinical information and provide patients an with an electronic copy of their health information on demand.  ARRA Certified for Inpatient Meaningful Use criteria 170.306(d) and 1703.02(f). 

Key Features:

Generates HITSP C32 Continuity of Care Document from vxVistA that satisfies Meaningful Use 1 certification Regulations
- Uses open source FMQL so virtually any data can be obtained despite VistA configurations.
-  Powerful query mechanism supports obtaining and merging data from non VIstA systems using HL7, SQL, and other connectors.
- Enables Virtual LIfetime record merging from multiple VistA systems.
- Allows standard XML Continuity of Care documents to be displayed in human readable format
- Enables exchange of clinical information encrypting documents. 


Latest Version Released:Version MU 1

Compatibility: VistA, vxVistA, RPMS, WV EHR, OpenVistA

License : Perpetual and Annual License



Developer Information

Developer: EHR Doctors, Inc


Phone: 561.222.5572


More Information


Additional Information


For more information please contact the Extension Developer