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These steps assume that the only reason to consider a back-out for CPRS v30C is in the event of a catastrophic failure.

  1. Contact the CPRS v30C implementation team to notify them there has been a catastrophic failure with v30C. Use the mail group: OIT PD CPRS Implementation Team In addition, phone/use Lync to contact:

    Kenny Condie


    Joe Niksich


    Jason Hawsey


    Jamie Crumley


  2. If the decision is made to proceed with back-out and rollback, the CPRS development team will send you a copy of the patch OR*3*432 as well as give you the instructions on downloading the CPRS v30B executable.
  3. Coordinate with the appropriate IT support, local and regional, to schedule the time to install OR*3*432 and to push out / install the previous GUI executable.
  4. Once OR*3*432 and CPRS v30B have been installed, verify operations before making available to all staff.
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