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Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS)

OR*3.0*258 Release Notes

June 2006

Department of Veterans Affairs
Health Data Systems
Computerized Patient Record System Product Line
Revision History
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Project Manager

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Initial version.

A. Ebert

T. Robinson







Table of Contents
Installation Requirements
Required Patches
Patient Safety Issues (PSIs)
New Functionality
Bug Fixes
Medication Ordering
OR*3.0*258 is an emergency patch to address some concerns regarding medication ordering in CPRS GUI v.26, including three patient safety issues, PSI-05-045, and two other medication ordering issues.
Installation Requirements
Required Patches
Before you can install OR*3.0*258, you must install the following required patches:

  • OR*3.0*215
  • PSS*1.0*113

Note:Internet Explorer 4.0 (IE4) or later is REQUIRED in order for GUI version 25 to run. However IE 5.5 or later with 128-bit encryption is required for PKI functionality.
Patient Safety Issues (PSIs)

  • PSI-06-053 and PSI-06-063: Default Med Route No Longer Populates in the Route Box – In the PHARMACY ORDERABLE ITEM file (#50.7), many drugs have been set up with a default route. With CPRS GUI v.26 (OR*3.0*215), the default route no longer populates in the route box (although it is first on the list of available routes). Routes are based on dosage form of the drug and often there are routes that are contraindicated for a particular drug but are on the list due to the dosage form. Requiring explicit selection of a route rather than use of the default route introduces unnecessary risk for selecting the wrong route.


  • CPRS will be modified to display the default route in the route box when a default route is defined in the PHARMACY ORDERABLE ITEM file (#50.7)
  • CPRS will be modified so that if a default medication route has NOT been defined, only the selection list will be displayed. Route field is "NULL".
  • PSS*1*113 will be modified to include a "default route"

  • PSI-06-062: Medication Renewal Dialog Focused on Cancel rather than OK – CPRS GUI v.26 (OR*3.0*215) inadvertently changed what happened when the user pressed the <Enter> key when renewing medication and generic text orders. In CPRS GUI v.25, if the user was in the Renew Orders dialog and had not clicked on anything or tabbed to move the focus to the Cancel button, when the user pressed the <Enter> key, it was the same as clicking OK—the renewal was accepted. In CPRS GUI v.26, when the dialog initially displayed, the focus was on the Cancel button so that if the user did not move the focus by clicking or tabbing to a different field or button, but immediately pressed the <Enter> or <Space> key, it was the same as clicking Cancel—the renewal was canceled instead of accepted. Providers who are accustomed to immediately pressing the <Enter> key to accept the order may not notice that the order is canceled instead of being renewed.

Note:The <Space> key activates whatever control has focus, such as clicking a button, opening a drop-down list, etc. To accept or cancel an order by pressing the <Space> key, the focus must be on either the OK or Cancel button.
Developers changed CPRS back to the way the Renew Orders dialog functioned in v.25—pressing the <Enter> key immediately without moving focus will accept the order. In fact, pressing <Enter> at any time while in the dialog when the focus is not on a button will accept the order. When the dialog displays initially, the focus is on the list so pressing the <Space> key only highlights the first order in the list.
Upon installation of OR*3.0*258, the initial state of the Renewal Ordering dialog once again allows the user to press the <Enter> key immediately without moving focus to accept the order. Pressing <Enter> at any time while in the dialog when the focus is not on a button will accept the order.
New Functionality
Bug Fixes
See the "Patient Safety Issues (PSIs)" section of this document.

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