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CPRS v30c (OR*3*423)
Deployment, Installation, Back-Out, and Rollback Guide

August 2016
Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Information and Technology (OI&T)
Revision History





June 22, 2016


Initial Draft

Jamie Crumley

Artifact Rationale
This document describes the Deployment, Installation, Back-out, and Rollback Plan for new products going into the VA Enterprise. The plan includes information about system support, issue tracking, escalation processes, and roles and responsibilities involved in all those activities. Its purpose is to provide clients, stakeholders, and support personnel with a smooth transition to the new product or software, and should be structured appropriately, to reflect particulars of these procedures at a single or at multiple locations.
Per the Veteran-focused Integrated Process (VIP) Guide, the Deployment, Installation, Back-out, and Rollback Plan is required to be completed prior to Critical Decision Point #2 (CD #2), with the expectation that it will be updated throughout the lifecycle of the project for each build, as needed.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Dependencies
1.3 Constraints
2 Roles and Responsibilities
3 Deployment
3.1 Timeline
3.2 Site Readiness Assessment
3.2.1 Deployment Topology (Targeted Architecture)
3.2.2 Site Information (Locations, Deployment Recipients)
3.2.3 Site Preparation
3.3 Resources
3.3.1 Facility Specifics
3.3.2 Hardware
3.3.3 Software
3.3.4 Communications Deployment/Installation/Back-Out Checklist
4 Installation
4.1 Pre-installation and System Requirements
4.2 Platform Installation and Preparation
4.3 Download and Extract Files
4.4 Database Creation
4.5 Installation Scripts
4.6 Cron Scripts
4.7 Access Requirements and Skills Needed for the Installation
4.8 Installation Procedure
4.8.1 OR*3*423 KIDS Installation
4.8.2 CPRS v30C GUI Installation CPRS GUI Methods of Installation
4.9 Installation Verification Procedure
4.10 System Configuration
4.11 Database Tuning
5 Back-Out Procedure
5.1 Back-Out Strategy
5.2 Back-Out Considerations
5.2.1 Load Testing
5.2.2 User Acceptance Testing
5.3 Back-Out Criteria
5.4 Back-Out Risks
5.5 Authority for Back-Out
5.6 Back-Out Procedure
5.7 Back-out Verification Procedure
6 Rollback Procedure
6.1 Rollback Considerations
6.2 Rollback Criteria
6.3 Rollback Risks
6.4 Authority for Rollback
6.5 Rollback Procedure
6.6 Rollback Verification Procedure

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