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Group Notes is a companion to the CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) Notes tab. If you are familiar with creating clinical notes in CPRS you will have little trouble with Group Notes.
Creating notes for a group of patients who have just participated in a group therapy session, education, or an immunization clinic follows these steps:

  1. Set the visit location and the date/time for the encounter.
  2. Select the patients involved, compiling them into a list.
  3. Select a note title common for the group.
  4. Enter note information common for the group.
  5. Enter encounter data that is common for the group.
  6. Select individual patients and enter encounter and note information unique to each individual.
  7. Sign the notes.
  8. Go back to the patient selection screen and repeat for additional groups.

If you are interrupted and exit the session before signing the notes, Group Notes will file notes individually unsigned and generate notifications that there are notes awaiting signature. Any work subsequent to exiting Group Notes must be accomplished in CPRS.

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