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Please check your system to verify that the following, previously released national patches are installed:

  • OR*3*269
  • OR*3*348
  • OR*3*350
  • OR*3*389

This patch (VistA KIDS Build) should take less than 5 minutes to install. The time for the post-install rebuild of the cross-references as well as the move of the supply quick orders will depend upon the size of the ORDER file (#100) and the number of supply quick orders, respectively.
The time to deploy the GUI will depend on which method the site utilizes for running the executable (network share, Citrix, individual workstation install, etc.).
It is recommended that the installation be done during non-peak hours. If at all possible, the users should not be in CPRS when the KIDS installation is being performed.
Warning: The GMRCOR CONSULT entry in the ORDER DIALOG (#101.41) file will be overwritten. Please review and save your entry in the event you have custom/site modifications that will need to be reapplied after installation. The changes will have to be applied manually so that the new GMRCOR CONSULT dialog retains the defect repair being done in OR*3*423.

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