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Tasks associated with Group Notes are: System setup, workstation setup, creation of notes for a group, and collection of encounter data. This manual provides information deemed necessary to carry out these functions.
From time to time improvements are made to the TIU package, including improvements to Group Notes. The latest information about TIU, as well as the latest version of this manual, is posted on the Text Integration Utilities (TIU) Web Page at:
This document is intended for use during development and testing of the Group Notes executable. When Group Notes is released this document will cease to exist as a living document and the information in it will be inserted into the appropriate VistA manuals. (However, the document will continue to be available on the above page—it will not be updated with post-release changes.)
Also on release, information about Group Notes will be available on the TIU page of the VDL (VistA Document Library) at

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