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This is our 2014 - Second Quarter report of The VistA Extensions Hub. We are sharing with you some information about the impact that this environment is having in the VistA Community as well as some great news about new added functionality. All of this is accomplished by the support of each of you. Please keep sending us feedback and recommendations, we are building this environment so you can find all the information required to enhance the VistA Experience.

Please see also our announcements for Third  Quarter 2014. Thanks for your continuous support.


New this quarter

VistA Questions | Learning Center | CAC-HIS User Group | Supporting our Veterans - Community Involvement


We added a new component to facilitate the interaction with VistA Experts, it is called VistA Questions. This new functionality will allow the user to post questions, answer questions, vote for the best question and answer, etc. In addition to that, VistA Questions will organize entries by topic to facilitate the search of information, and it will provide the identification of experts for each topic. Users will be able to watch specific topics by "watching" the topic. We are also connecting the Extensions and Webinars section to VistA Questions so you can see from each page related questions. This comprehensive concatenation of content will enhance the user's navigation experience.

Visit VistA Questions today!

To nurture collaboration and the next generation of VistA Experts we partnered with EduBrite Systems, Inc. and VISTA Expertise Network to provide a new educational environment. We added a new Learning Management System seamlessly integrated with The VistA Extensions Hub. 

We provided two training webinars for Instructors and Learners and we organized current recorded material as Programs. We launched the first two programs HIS Path and Mumps Training and we have a group of community professionals and experts preparing the next wave of VistA Related Training.





We launched the VistA Clinical Application Coordinator | Health Informtics Specialist User Group with a successful meeting on June 24th. We had good presentations and community participation. Please check our meeting notes and register for the next one in September 30th, 2014 at 2 PM EST


We are supporting  Renewal Coalition, Honor Flight and Wounded Warrior of South Florida as well as Wounded Warrior and Honor Flight national programs. Check the calendar for upcoming events. Support our Veterans!

Some Numbers to consider


We currently have 130+ Recorded Webinars with 4,600 plays and a total of 897 Hours Watched.

Navigation - This Quarter


Navigation Since 2011

Upcoming during Third Quarter (2014 - Q3)

CAC | HIS User Group Second Meeting - September 30th, 2014


Learning Center new programs under development

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