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titleExtension Information - (if you have more than one extension you could send required information to Thanks!)

$!user.nameSender Usernamehidden $!user.emailFromhidden $req.requestURL#if($req.queryString)?$req.queryString#endEmail sent from: hidden$!content.getTitle()width: 500px;subjectEXTENSION SUBMISSIONhidden

Extension Information
Extension Name $!content.getTitle()width: 500px;Extension Nametexttrue
Highlightswidth: 600px; height: 200pxHighlightsBLOCKtrue
Overviewwidth: 600px; height: 200pxOverviewBLOCK
Key Featureswidth: 600px; height: 200pxKey FeaturesBLOCK
Latest Version Released$!content.getTitle()width: 500px;Latest Releasetext

VistAComp1VistAVistAcheckboxVistA  Comp2OSEHRAOSEHRAcheckbox  OSEHRA Comp3vxVistAvxVistAcheckboxvxVistA Comp4RPMSRPMScheckboxRPMS  Comp5WV EHRWV EHRcheckbox  WV EHR Comp6OpenVistAOpenVistAcheckboxOpenVistA

Type of License$!content.getTitle()width: 500px;Type of Licensetexttrue
Developer Information
Developer/Owner$!content.getTitle()width: 500px;Developertexttrue

Point of contact email

width: 600pxemailEmailtext
Websitewidth: 600px; height: 50pxWebsiteBLOCK
Phone$!content.getTitle()width: 500px;Phonetext
Related Linkswidth: 600px; height: 200pxRelated LinksBLOCK

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