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10 minIntroductionFabian Lopez
  • Remarks from previous meetings
  • Open blog/mic for questions to the group
10 minVistA and VIVIANFabian LopezVisualizing and understanding VistA using OSEHRA VIVIAN
20 minConditionXpertGail Morrison, RNNew workflow focused on chronic disease management care. This demo will show how the product could be used to better manage a veteran with chronic care, write a nursing care plan, provides education content for the nurse to teach. The main goal is to reduce re-admissions or to keep the patient our of the hospital and be able to intervene before he/she spirals out of control
15 minReminder Dialog GUISidney TarasonSidney is the CEO of Astute Semantcis a VistA Development firm located in Columbia, MD. He will show on of the latest developments about Reminder Dialog.
10 minWrap Up / Q&AOpenJoin us and participate posting your questions.