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Why is it necessary to create and configure a new user; won't the Administrative user allow me to do everything I need?
Adding 'Standard' users is necessary to test the full functionality of the software suite. The 'Administrative' account provided also contains privileges that can be detrimental to normal software performance if utilized by unqualified personnel.

Why do I need to add Menu Options and Security Keys to users?
The Secondary Menu Options and Security Keys listed in this manual are required for their associated applications to run. The 'Standard' user provided at the beginning of the installation guide has been setup with all required Menu Options and Keys for convenience.

How do I know which Secondary Menu Options and Security Keys a particular user carries?

  • Use PuTTY to access vxVistA terminal. Use the ‘Administrative’ Access/Verify Code pair when prompted to enter the Systems Manager Menu.

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  • Type 'user' at the 'Systems Manager Menu Option:' prompt and press [ENTER]. Type 'user' again at the 'User Management Option:' prompt and press [ENTER].

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  • Type ';p-dec;80;9999' at the 'DEVICE:' prompt and press [ENTER]. This allows the output (Shown Below) to be printed to Terminal in a steady stream that can be scrolled to view the information needed (List of Menu Options and Keys).

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  • Close the terminal session.