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Discussion items

5minWelcome and IntroductionsFabian Lopez

Presenting the VistA CAC|HIS User Group

10minA CAC | HIS ExperienceAngela LoosliExperience using VistA at Idaho
10minThe purpose of a CAC | HIS User GroupDeanne ClarkLet's discuss how to get the best from this group

The CAC | HIS role

David James HowardSentinel Event Review/Root Cause Analysis
10minBest Practices and advice to new CAC | HISJeanette K. KlementImprove your skills and set the right learning path
15minWrap Up / Q&A Next Meeting announcement


Some tips to consider

  1. Creating your VistA Extension Hub account
    1. If you don’t have an account please sign up here
    2. (it is not needed for the call, but you will need it to ask questions or use some material available)
  2. Presenting VistA Questions
    1. This is a new section of The VistA Extensions Hub and it has a dedicated topic for CAC | HIS
    2. Please see related questions (and if you have time please answer the one related to the User Group)
    3. You can Watch the topic and be alerted every time a new question is posted
  3. Presenting the new Learning Center
    1. We are creating program and courses with certificates based on existing recorded webinars
    2. There is one called HIS Path that is  based on vxJourney Webinars and VeHU Courses
    3. We sequenced existing material so you can improve your learning experience
  4. Finally, the CAC | HIS Workspace
    1. We are listing here other resources available from the VistA Community.

Recorded Meeting


Thanks for visiting this page,

  1. These meetings are informal and we are trying to engage the audience and presenters.
  2. Experts will share their knowledge with just audio and in some cases with screensharing
  3. While there they were presenting I was showing how to use our collaboration environment. In some cases what you see on the screen is not directly related to the audio of the presenter.
  4. and finally.... sorry for my voice. I was sick that day (smile) Feeling better now...

See you in the next one, the second User Group Meeting. Register Today!


Fabian Lopez


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