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Deanne Clark

Deanne Clark is the vxVistA Program Manager responsible for vxVistA application development including requirements analysis, building project plans, forming project teams, enhancements, and change control. Deanne has ability to manage multiple complex pro

Hugh Creedon

Over 10 years on the Clinical Informatics Service at Hines, VA, Hospital. Involved in implementing an electronic health record system there and at other VA sites. Provided on-going end-user support and training;


Webinar Overview
vxVistA is a scalable, customizable EHR, capable of integrating with additional VistA modules, thereby expanding its capabilities beyond the traditional healthcare setting. vxVistA was named by DSS to differentiate this open source version from VistA, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ comprehensive EHR system. Given its original design and development by a government entity, VistA is available in the public domain as part of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

“We’ve worked with the VistA system and the VA for many years and are excited to announce the availability of open source vxVistA for the commercial market,” said Mark Byers, president and CEO of DSS. “We are confident that the availability will foster the growth of this powerful and flexible EHR system.”


vxVistA is available under the Eclipse Public License which allows other VistA modules to be integrated in a business friendly environment. Additionally, the system has been modified to be better suited for non-VA settings, including, for example, the removal of mandatory requirements only needed by the VA and the addition of templates for pediatrics, OBGYN and other specialties. In addition to these modifications and enhancements for non-VA care settings, DSS, Inc. also offers add-on modules such as dental, mental health and revenue cycle solutions. DSS has stayed as close to the source FOIA software as possible so that healthcare organizations can continue to reap the benefits of enhancements regularly released by the VA. DSS plans to provide regular upgrades to users that incorporate the most current patches available from the VA.

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