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Extension Type Code Overview

Provides object-oriented MUMPS data access to the Railo open-source implementation of the ColdFusion web application server platform and language.
DocManager™ - DocMan

Integrated with RPMS.

ROI is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. 
Hailstorm VDE

Provides an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine image preloaded with everything you need to start developing CFMumps applications.

Provides syntax highlighting, global lookup, VistA SAC templates, and automatic completion of MUMPS keywords for the GNU Emacs editor.
Mental Health Suite - MHS

Mental Health Suite is designed to help the clinician create, edit, and view inter-disciplinary treatment plans efficiently while meeting governing organization standards.
Patient Account Management System - PAMS


Patient Registration: An EWD based web application for Patient registration for World VistA .The application registers a patient with basic details such as TC/HRN/Social Security Number, First Name, Last Name, DOB, Religion & Nationality. This can then be accessed through CPRS in the World VistA EHR.

Patient Search: The Search Module performs Patient Search on TC/HRN/Social Security number, First Name or Last Name. It returns a list of patient with basic patient demographics details as entered during registration.

VistACom & CCR

This VistA Extension is written in MUMPS, and are installed in a VistA system using KIDS. They are all add-ons to the VistA system, and use VistA's built in extensibility frameworks to integrate with the rest of the system. So, as add-ons, they do not change or restrict in any way the functioning of the rest of the VistA system.

This package is designed to run on any VistA system, and even on VistA variants like RPMS. This extension was only tested with WVEHR, FOIA VistA, RPMS and openVistA. This package depend on XML tools that are part of the CCR package. VistACom depends on the CCR package, EWD, and also the C0Q Quality Reporting package.