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Extension Type Code Overview
Automated VistA installation using Vagrant

I've been working on an exciting project that will make fresh VistA instance creation and development environment configuration and setup as easy as typing "vagrant up" into a clone of the OSEHRA VistA repository.

Axiom provides syntax highlighting of standard MUMPS syntax, including all special variables, intrinsic functions, and commands in GT.M.

Provides object-oriented MUMPS data access to the Railo open-source implementation of the ColdFusion web application server platform and language.
CIS-DataBridge™ Interface - CIS-DataBridge

Anesthesia Record Keeper, ICU & Data Analytics Patient Safety, Efficiency, Accuracy, Reporting
Clinical Note Templates - CNT

Clinical Note Templates (CNTs) automate the entire process of producing an accurate,consistent and compliant Progress Note. 
DSS Dental Record Manager Plus - DRM Plus

The DSS Dental Record Manager Plus is an enhanced version of the original Dental Record Manager.
DSS Medflow EHR - Medflow

The first ever VistA integrated Ophthalmology EHR is DSS Medflow Ophthalmic Suite.
DSS Mobile VA - DSS Mobile

Designed to seamlessly integrate into facility's EHR
DSS Patient Search Tool

Extension for CPRS. This tool solves a major problem for clinicians—it helps them find data no matter where, when, or who put it in a patient’s chart.  It can be data that was filed properly as discrete data, but more importantly it helps find free text data that would otherwise be buried deep in the chart.
DSS Patient Search Tool Image Slider ...

This tool solves a major problem for clinicians
DSS/QuadraMed Encoder Product Suite - EPS

The Encoder Product Suite provides an intelligent, comprehensive approach to VA inpatient and outpatient data management technology for the HIMS, Billing, Utilization Review, Accounts Receivable, and Compliance departments
DSS/QuadraMed VA Chart Complete - VACC

The ability to deliver complete documentation is crucial to meeting today's regulatory requirements and to expediting the coding/billing process.

Compatibility: VistA - OSEHRA - vxVistA - RPMS - WV EHR - OpenVistA
Hailstorm VDE

Provides an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine image preloaded with everything you need to start developing CFMumps applications.

Compatibility: VistA - OSEHRA - vxVistA - RPMS - WV EHR - OpenVistA

Provides syntax highlighting, global lookup, VistA SAC templates, and automatic completion of MUMPS keywords for the GNU Emacs editor.
MDWS port to Mono

Enables MDWS to work on an opensource stack (Linux & GT.m) 
RadWiseVistA™ - RadWise

RadWiseVistA™ assists physicians in ordering the most appropriate imaging procedure based on the patient′s unique signs and symptoms, backed by the quality standards of evidence-based decision support.
Real Time Vitals® - RTV

Directly import patient vitals into VistA/CPRS via patient monitor in...Real Time.
Release of Information - ROI

DSS Release Of Information reduces ROI request turnaround time. As the user selects patient information to be released, the ROI tracking database becomes populated. This easy to use system provides the ROI clerk with a systematic method of releasing and tracking all ROI requests. With just a little training, ROI management can be seamlessly integrated into your electronic workflow solution.
TeleCare Record Manager Plus - TRM+

DSS TeleCare Record Manager Plus is a complete telephone liaison care management system that provides an easy and efficient way for you to access telephone treatment protocols and update and organize information from different categories of patient calls. 
VistA Chemotherapy Manager - VCM

VCM, is the premier technology for computerizing the administration of chemotherapy for cancer care. It automates the clinical practice of Oncology from the assignment of therapy to the calculation of chemotherapy doses, all the way through to the documentation of care. It is the most widely used product of its type because it combines the most complete range of automation, safety features and flexibility that Oncology practices demand with a highly intuitive user interface making it simple to use. DSS VistA Chemotherapy Manager – VCM is scalable to all clinical settings.
VistACom & CCR

This VistA Extension is written in MUMPS, and are installed in a VistA system using KIDS. They are all add-ons to the VistA system, and use VistA's built in extensibility frameworks to integrate with the rest of the system. So, as add-ons, they do not change or restrict in any way the functioning of the rest of the VistA system.

This package is designed to run on any VistA system, and even on VistA variants like RPMS. This extension was only tested with WVEHR, FOIA VistA, RPMS and openVistA. This package depend on XML tools that are part of the CCR package. VistACom depends on the CCR package, EWD, and also the C0Q Quality Reporting package.

VISTA Scheduling GUI

Historically, VISTA has always used the PIMS Scheduling module on the VT-100 emulated terminal. The Scheduling GUI is intended to be a replacement and complement for PIMS Scheduling. You can run the Scheduling GUI without any interaction with PIMS; or you can have it interacting with PIMS so that appointments will have various cascading effects on other packages using the PIMS triggered protocols and PIMS APIs. Most people use it with PIMS so that it can integrate well with CPRS. 

As a result of not having access to current patient information, providers may order expensive imaging tests that are unnecessary or have already been conducted. RadWise adds value to imaging orders by applying patient-centric clinical information and enhancing communication between referring physicians and radiologists. Our solution helps providers navigate complex imaging guidelines, reduce imaging expenses and increase claims revenue.
vxVitals Lite

Extension for CPRS. This tool solves a major problem for clinicians—it helps them find data no matter where, when, or who put it in a patient’s chart.  It can be data that was filed properly as discrete data, but more importantly it helps find free text data that would otherwise be buried deep in the chart.