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Solution: Adverse Drugs etc

Evidence-based medical knowledge with real-time surveillance and analysis of clinical data to prevent, recognize, and treat ADEs. The solution identifies a variety of problems in the medication-use process and delivers alerts and treatment guidance to improve patient safety and the quality of care.

Solution: Antimicrobial Management 

A comprehensive solution for hospital-wide surveillance to optimize antimicrobial therapy and enhance patient safety.

Solution: Behavioral Health  

Intra/inter-disciplinary collaboration and treatment planning tools which include a Provider and Patient facing user interface to enhance the continuity of care.

Solution: Clinical Documentation  

Clinical software support tools to document a patient’s encounter and expedite the diagnostic process for a patient’s future health concern

Solution: Clinical Solution  


Solution: Clinical Alerts   

 A comprehensive, pre-configured catalog of alerts to simultaneously monitor each patient's changing condition. Intelligent alerts are triggered by shifts in a patient's condition and trends between measurements.

Solution: Document Management


Solution: Dental

Clinical solution for entering diagnostic findings including periodontal conditions, treatment plan procedures and sequencing, head & neck fi ndings, as well as general patient and tooth specifi c notes

Solution: Health Information Management

Health data management information technology applications achieve business goals and improve the quality of care; addressing HIPAA, revenue cycle management, privacy, enterprise content management, patient safety, and electronic health records documentation.

Solution: Home Based Primary Care

Information technology and clinical documentation software tools to deliver primary care in the patient’s home to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care.

Solution: Infection Control 

Solutions for the surveillance, real-time alerts, and timely analysis of infections that threaten patients. These include laboratory, pharmacy, admission/discharge/transfer, patient demographics and vital signs, radiology, and surgery.

Solution: Imaging 


Solution: Nurse Triage 

Clinical decision support tools to improve care, increase efficiency, and lower healthcare costs. It determines the appropriate care at the right place and at the right time by standardizing triage decision support, as well as reducing time spent on the documentation process.

Solution: Ophthalmology 

An Ophthalmic suite of applications to increase efficiencies in patient through-put, provider workflow, image management as well as the continuum of care throughout the VA Medical Center.

Solution: Oncology Decision Support 

A decision support, treatment planning, and pharmacy order writing system for oncology using rule-based methodology. 

Solution: Patient Vitals Monitoring  

Software applications used to integrate and manage data from VSM vendors such as Welch Allyn, Omron, CASmed, GE and Draeger Medical.

Solution: Pain Management  

Software solutions linked to patient’s clinical records for pain management include many custom templates for history of present illness, complaints, review of systems, orders, and E&M coding. Also, it integrates vital signs monitoring devices with the electronic health record to automatically capture the patient data

Solution: Patient Centered Medical Home  

Information technology and clinical documentation software tools to deliver primary care in the patient’s home to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care.

Solution: Radiology Decision Support  

Empower providers to make more informed decisions regarding diagnostic testing, support them with proactive information, coordinate the specialist referral, and help trigger care management programs with other vendors or departments. 

Solution: Revenue Cycle Management   

Solutions to enable timely, accurate, and complete billing and receivables management for health systems to provide denial-prevention capabilities and send EDI transactions to a clearinghouse or directly to payers.

Solution: Record Management  

Software applications for capturing, managing, accessing, and securing information which must be preserved and protected for legal, regulatory, or business purposes across the enterprise.

Solution: Scanning Solutions


Solution: Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Integration

Software applications to bi-directionally integrate COTS products with the Veterans Health Administration VistA database. All development procedures strictly adhere to VHA business rules and VA OI&T processes.




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Oncology Decision Support 


Patient Vitals Monitoring


Pain Management


 Patient Centered Medical Home


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