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The VistA Extensions Hub contains 54 Compatible Extensions

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Extension Type Code Overview
Page: Automated VistA installation using Vagrant
I've been working on an exciting project that will make fresh VistA instance creation and development environment configuration and setup as easy as typing "vagrant up" into a clone of the OSEHRA VistA repository.
Page: Axiom
Axiom provides syntax highlighting of standard MUMPS syntax, including all special variables, intrinsic functions, and commands in GT.M.
Page: CFMumps
Provides object-oriented MUMPS data access to the Railo open-source implementation of the ColdFusion web application server platform and language.
Page: CIS-DataBridge™ Interface - CIS-DataBridge
Anesthesia Record Keeper, ICU & Data Analytics Patient Safety, Efficiency, Accuracy, Reporting
Page: Clinical Note Templates - CNT
Clinical Note Templates (CNTs) automate the entire process of producing an accurate,consistent and compliant Progress Note. 
Page: DSS Dental Record Manager Plus - DRM Plus
The DSS Dental Record Manager Plus is an enhanced version of the original Dental Record Manager.
Page: DSS Medflow EHR - Medflow
The first ever VistA integrated Ophthalmology EHR is DSS Medflow Ophthalmic Suite.
Page: DSS Mobile VA - DSS Mobile
Designed to seamlessly integrate into facility's EHR
Page: DSS Patient Search Tool
Extension for CPRS. This tool solves a major problem for clinicians—it helps them find data no matter where, when, or who put it in a patient’s chart.  It can be data that was filed properly as discrete data, but more importantly it helps find free text data that would otherwise be buried deep in the chart.
Page: DSS Patient Search Tool Image Slider ...
This tool solves a major problem for clinicians
ROI is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. 
Page: DSS/QuadraMed Encoder Product Suite - EPS
The Encoder Product Suite provides an intelligent, comprehensive approach to VA inpatient and outpatient data management technology for the HIMS, Billing, Utilization Review, Accounts Receivable, and Compliance departments
Page: DSS/QuadraMed VA Chart Complete - VACC
The ability to deliver complete documentation is crucial to meeting today's regulatory requirements and to expediting the coding/billing process.
Page: DocManager™ - DocMan
Integrated with RPMS.
Page: EWD
Compatibility: VistA - OSEHRA - vxVistA - RPMS - WV EHR - OpenVistA
Page: GTI Practice Management for WorldVistA EHR by GTI Infotel
Extension contains Practice Management.
Page: Hailstorm VDE
Provides an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine image preloaded with everything you need to start developing CFMumps applications.
Page: ISI
Compatibility: VistA - OSEHRA - vxVistA - RPMS - WV EHR - OpenVistA
Page: LorikeeM
Provides syntax highlighting, global lookup, VistA SAC templates, and automatic completion of MUMPS keywords for the GNU Emacs editor.
Page: MDWS port to Mono
Enables MDWS to work on an opensource stack (Linux & GT.m) 





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