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Extension Developers Information
Allan Finkelstein Extensible M is only 3 M routines, one Fileman file and 4 menu options
Caregraf Caregraf company information
Coherent ext Coherent Logic Development LLC
David Wicksell Axiom provides syntax highlighting of standard MUMPS syntax, including all special variables, intrinsic functions, and commands in GT.M.
DSS, Inc. Document Storage Systems, Inc. - Juno Beach, FL
Edgeware Technologies LLC .
EHR Doctors, Inc DSS Inc./EHR Doctors, Inc
George Lilly .
GTI Infotel GTI Infotel
ISI Group .
KRM Associates, Inc. KRM Associates, Inc.
Medsphere Systems Corporation .
Ohum .
Quadramed .
Sam Habiel .
Twin Cities .
VA MDWS team & Christopher Edwards Enables MDWS to work on an opensource stack (Linux & GT.m)
VistA-Edge .