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Designed to seamlessly integrate into facility's EHR.


  • Improves efficiency by reducing paperwork and duplicate entry of data
  • Enhances the patient encounter and provides quality at-home care



Key Features

Designed to seamlessly integrate into facility's EHR 
Access your EMR through any Smartphone device with internet connectivity 
This mobile solution keeps clinicians informed about changing patient conditions as they occur 
Equips clinicians with the ability to make key patient care decisions while out of the office/hospital to ensure continuous progress in patient care 
Fully supports collaboration with key to effective patient care between care givers within the facility and primary care physicians who may be off site 
Using the latest Smartphone technology, this solution intelligently chooses cellular network communication or facility wireless networks to transfer critical data reliably, quickly, and securely

Additional Information

Developer Information

Developer: DSS, Inc.


Phone: 561.284.7000


More Information

For more information please contact the Extension Developer






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