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MH Kiosk was designed to capture clinical information directly from patients that is often lacking in electronic medical records. It will summarize self-assessment findings, and provide direct patient education. Although self-assessment can help provide some of this information, many patients cannot successfully use typical interfaces due to cognitive disabilities, limited literacy, or low levels of computer experience.

The consistent delivery of context-rich information in an easy-to-use format eliminates significant time consuming activities and provides clinicians with the ability to initiate more timely interventions and make better informed point of care decisions.



The Mental Health Kiosk is designed to provide Patient Self-Assessment and Education



Key Features

Utilizes a touch screen interface with a look and feel that is most usable for the target audience 
Includes audio instructions to accompany all visual tasks (i.e. reading of instructions and responses associated with buttons on the assessment screen) 
Obtains clinical information directly from patients 
Provides education directly to patients 
Summarizes self-assessment findingsBesides working on mono. The MDWS port includes the features and functionality of the primary MDWS project including querying for VistA using web services, among others.

Additional Information

Mental Health Suite (MHS)


Developer Information

Developer: DSS, Inc.


Phone: 561.284.7000


More Information

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