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Shane McClaughry

Shane is a System Engineer for KRM Associates Inc. He has extensive experience in the setup and configuration of VistA-based systems. He is also knowledgeable in system administration, with a focus on security based systems.


Webinar Overview
HealtheMe started in 2007 as a Personal Health Record (PHR) pilot project funded through Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Today, it has been expanded and implemented across care settings, and supports record extractions from several Electronic Health Records (EHRs). KRM Associates Inc., the original developer, has released this solution as open-source software to allow the healthcare community as a whole to modify, enhance, and implement the solution in any care scenario. As the community around the solution grows, enhancements may be freely shared among the user base to communally grow a mature and effective solution to the benefit of all.
Key Features:
Having been based on the MyHealtheVet Personal Health Record, and leveraging the Continuity of Care Record, the project supports industry standard data points. Logically, the data items have been divided into self-entered and clinical tabs; wherein users may contribute to their self-entered elements, but clinical data remains static. Designed to be down-stream from EHRs, this decision was made to prevent variance between systems and ensure users would raise discrepancies or errors with their provider. Implementation specifi c considerations, such as mandatory delays for lab data, have been confi gured as well to allow providers time to review data prior to patient access.

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