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List of courses added to the vxJourney Learning Management Systems


Nurturing the next generation of VistA Experts. Don't miss this opportunity!

We just released two recorded webinars created to enhance the experience with the new vxJourney Learning Management System.

As Instructors: Creating online training for your audience and enable learning in The Vista Extensions Hub

As Learners: Online learning within The Vista Extensions Hub 

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Courses based on existing Recorded Webinars

Recommended Training for Clinical Application Coordinators (CAC) or Health Informatics Specialist (HIS)  

 Program: VistA HIS Path - IntroductorySourcePresented by
1Introducing vxVistAvxvista.orgHugh Creedon, PH.D;   Deanne Clark
2What is FOIA VistA? - What is OS vxVistA?vxvista.orgHugh Creedon, PH.D; Deanne Clark
3Introduction to VISTA Architecturevxvista.orgRick Marshall
4CIS: TIU Health Summary ObjectsMyVeHU Harold D Bonds 
5Brief Overview of CPRS Functionality for ProvidersMyVeHU Brian Laufer, MD ; Rich Moran
 Program: VistA HIS Path - Basic  
6A SkyHigh Overview of vxCPRSvxvista.orgAlisha Howell
7CPRS Tips & TimesaversMyVeHU Don Weinshenker, MD; Neil Evans, MD
8vxCPRS-Streamline the documentation processvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
9Copy/PasteMyVeHU Betsy L. Susko, RHIT 
10How to For Nurses-Entering Telephone/Verbal ordersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
11How to for Providers-Medication Ordersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
12OPT Medication Ordering Process for Prescribersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
13OTC/Meds from Elsewherevxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
14How to for Prescribers-Entering Complex Med Ordersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
15IV Medication Ordering Process for Prescribersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
16How to for Prescribers: IMOvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
17Streamlining Med Ordering Process for Prescribersvxvista.orgJeanette Klement; Marvin Friedman
18VistACom & Continuity of Care Record (CCR)vxvista.orgGeorge Lilly
19DSS Patient Search Toolvxvista.orgKevin Wright
20vxCPRS-vxBCMAvxvista.orgJeanette Klement;Bob Cook
21vxGroup Notes (2011)vxvista.orgJeanette Klement
22DSS Suite of Mental Health Productsvxvista.orgDSS Suite of Mental Health Prodcts
23Basic FilemanMyVeHU Thomas Fagan
24Fileman (2011)vxvista.orgGreg Kreis
25Notifications/Surrogates/AlertsMyVeHU Rob Whelan; Sally Kellum
26Parameters-Where to find them-How to setMyVeHU Doug Schneider, RN BS; Emily Mellecker,   RN BSN
27Building Order sets - the Basicsvxvista.orgJeanette Klement
28Order Dialogs, process, process, processvxvista.orgDavid Howard
29Alerts & NotificationsMyVeHU Harold D Bonds; Sanjay Jain, MD
30Sending a notification to a team related to eventvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
31Consults - Basic & BeyondMyVeHU Jo Ann Seppelt, MSN, CRNP; Patricia   Akerly, MSN, MSHSA 
32CSI for CIS-Problem Review/ResolutionMyVeHU Diane Baker, RN; Jeffrey Tueting 
 Program: VistA HIS Path - Advanced  
33VA FileMan: Design custom reports file #100MyVeHU Thomas Fagan
34Using Fileman parameters to elminate unintended wrapping in FM reportsvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
35CIS: Reminder DefinitionsMyVeHU Jeff Fahner; Russell Jacobitz
36Clinical Reminder Basicsvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
37CIS: Clinical Reminders part 2MyVeHU Jeff Fahner; Russell Jacobitz
38Branching logic in reminder dialogsvxvista.orgCharles Boyer
39ICD-10 Don't Let it Cause HypertensionMyVeHU Mary Johnson; Shelley Weems
40ICD-10 How to PrepareMyVeHU Laurene Miller
41ICD-10 and the ClinicianMyVeHU Sean Langosky; Sean Longosy
42ICD-10 Clinical Reminders & Encounter FormsMyVeHU Dawn O'Connor; Mary Johnson
43Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled SubstanceMyVeHU Jamie Crumley; Kenny Condie and Robert   Silverman



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