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The ISI RadTech Tool v1.0 is the first phase of a project to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for the clerk & technologist functions of VistA's Radiology package v5.0. The RadTech Tool provides an alternative GUI inteface for the following radiology functions: create orders, register exams, review/enter/edit exams, case edit, cancel exams, cancel/hold orders, and report & requisition views.
The ISI RadTech Tool v1.0 works with the standard VistA Radiology v5.0 package and does not alter or customize released code. The tool also aims to observe existing VistA Radiology business rules and site configuration restraints.
The first phase of the RadTech Tool aims to provide coverage for a limited radiology work flow from order entry to when the study is performed. However, plans are under way to expand the tool to provide an interface for all phases of the radiology workflow from order entry, exam registration, results, review, and final completion.c


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