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Axiom provides syntax highlighting of standard MUMPS syntax, including all special variables, intrinsic functions, and commands in GT.M. It provides a way to build and maintain a tag file, which allows quick label jumping between GT.M routines, maintaining a stack, including line label completion. It also provides a way to inspect the contents of a global, either a node individually, or a node and its descendants.
Axiom - A Vim plugin providing an Advanced Developer Environment for MUMPS programmers.
Axiom is a package of developer tools that can help your productivity when editing M[UMPS]/GT.M routines with the Vim editor, preferrably version 6.0 or newer.
Key Features:
- Jump around GT.M routine source files by label, using a tag stack
- Dump the contents of GT.M globals, including by global node
- Automatically imprint a date/time stamp when writing a routine file
- Display a status line with the label+offset of the routine being edited
- Recursively fold dotted-do blocks, to get a better overview of a routine
- Compile the routine currently being edited, displaying an syntax errors.

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