The first ever VistA integrated Ophthalmology EHR is DSS Medflow Ophthalmic Suite.


The comprehensive suite includes Ophthalmic medical records integrated with VistA/CPRS, Image Management, Legacy and DICOM Device Interface to VistA Imaging. DSS Medflow also includes Optical Shop Management as well as a number of eye care specific features.


The first ever VistA integrated Ophthalmology EHR is DSS Medflow Ophthalmic Suite. Medflow is a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) system specializing in the area of eye care. The Medflow VistA integrated EHR addresses the areas of Ophthalmic Medical Records, Image Management, Optical Shop Management and Device Interface.



Workflow optimization for the ophthalmic practice allowing high levels of patient care and safety. 
Glaucoma Summary – Everything needed for proper management and care of glaucoma patients is available on one screen. Viewing assessment, plans and diagnostic data all viewed in one area. 
IOP Graph - Effective tool to graph a patient’s IOP to demonstrate to patients the importance of compliance. Medications used at time IOP was taken is also listed on graph screen. 
Visual Field Analysis – View patient’s progress through a history of visual fields. Ability to sort by eyes and dates. 
Custom Specialty Screens detailed for the following specialties Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina, Macular Interventions, and Oculoplastics available. 
Drawing tools include multiple pre-formatted templates, backgrounds and colors. Drawing tools allow the user to easily draw various images and make specific and detailed notations on the drawing. 
Images are easily made a part of the patient’s record. Patient images are viewed in Medflow and are also stored in VistA imaging. 
Integrated Optical Shop Management tool to simplify ordering of prescription glasses and automatically updating inventory. 
Automatic Updates to the Patient Care Encounter. As well as bidirectional integration packages with CPRS that include medications, allergies, problems, consults and orders. 
Facilitates capture of CPT codes for billing.