This tool solves a major problem for clinicians—it helps them find data no matter where, when, or who put it in a patient’s chart.  It can be data that was filed properly as discrete data, but more importantly it helps find free text data that would otherwise be buried deep in the chart.  If it was information input from a telephone call note as free text and not direct exam using a template, for example.  If it was “comments” that someone put into any note or order it is no longer hidden or lost using the Search.  In a multi-provider practice, it can help a doctor find what the patient says happened when they were treated by another doctor, even if the patient doesn’t remember the doctor’s name.  That’s powerful—and something that without this tool VistA/CPRS did not do even with IT staff pulling aggregate reports. A researcher could use it to verify that a patient is a candidate for a study or new treatment. There are safety and quality gains for patients that will come from a clinician using the Search, and potentially financial gains if it makes it easier to see things like previous consult results that avoid repeating certain tests/procedures.

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This tool solves a major problem for clinicians

Extension for CPRS that allows Patient Search 

Quick, Basic and Advanced Search
CPRS Performance Impact manager
Selective search
Color customization for results terms
Results limit and date parameters
Free Text search