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Education Path for CAC | HIS

We organized and sequenced the existing training available for CAC | HIS from The VistA Extensions Hub and VA VEHU.

The CAC or HIS has formal education and/or experience in information technology as it is applied to health care settings. The CAC|HIS must be capable of understanding the structure of VistA/CPRS and the multiple ways in which it can be configured to meet the needs of health care providers as well as those in administrative roles.


The CAC | HIS:

  • assesses and implements Automated Data Processing (A D P) programs that enhance the delivery of patient care and administrative functions.
  • being able to work with a variety of system users to help them make better use of their VistA system—from being able to answer their questions to customizing their menus
  • interprets and communicates medical center goals, objectives, policies and procedures to staff and the health care team.
  • utilizes knowledge, experience, and educational background to examine both routine and highly complex systems and problems to determine actions necessary to resolve problems via collection of data and input from multiple sources in the organization  and  customers. 
  • must adapt to changing environments, conditions, and problems. 
  • will work with complicated integration of existing health service’s procedures and evolving concepts of ADP process management. 
  • must  adapt to varying levels of expertise with his/her contacts and must be able to interpret and analyze both micro and macro management problems relating to VistA/CPRS

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