List of courses added to the vxJourney Learning Management Systems (LMS)


We just released two recorded webinars created to enhance the experience with the new vxJourney Learning Management System.

As Instructors: Creating online training for your audience and enable learning in The Vista Extensions Hub

As Learners: Online learning within The Vista Extensions Hub 

We are currently creating courses and programs based on existing Recorded Webinars and other training provided by Community Members. Programs are a combination of webinars sequenced to provide a step by step training. When you land on the Webinar page be sure to select the course option to watch the webinar, take a test and print a certificate. Programs certificate will be able upon completion of the program.

Some of the programs includes courses from VeHU (, Please create your account, take the course and upload the certificate in the vxJoruney program course. A credit will be given per each course with VeHU certificate.

Please login or sign up for a account to access to courses with certificate.