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    This question isn't clear because "enter the FileMan" probably means run the FileMan program.

    If you run the FileMan program from MenuMan, it is in the option DIUSER. If you don't have that menu in your SECONDARY OPTIONS or PRIMARY OPTION (in your NEW PERSON entry) you can't run the program 

    If you run the FileMan program from the command line of MUMPS, there are several subroutines in the ^DI program. The simple "DO ^DI"  call is the one that uses the current definition for a person in the NEW PERSON file (after the programmer answers the ACCESS CODE prompt to identify a person) . The call "DO Q^DI" is one that assigns @-User privileges to the person who is selected.

    So simply put, if you have a problem running FileMan, you may not have enough information in your NEW PERSON record for the programmer in question.

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